25 Packing Tips For Moving

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Don’t Pull Your Hair Out!

Packing Tips For Moving Don't Pull Your Hair Out

Moving is one of the most stressful events in your life, but with these 25 packing tips for moving it will be made simple. As always, if you are still searching for a home or want to sell your home, please contact me, John Conca, at 530-306-3494 and browse my website.


With a little planning you can greatly reduce the amount of time and frustration it takes to move.

1. Take room inventory by looking at each room and write down the types of things that need packed including furniture dimensions.

2. Plan for odd-sized items make a list of the packing supplies you’ll need for delicate objects.

3. Calculate the approximate cost for your moving supplies: boxes, packaging materials, moving trucks, movers…

4. Draw out the general floor plan of your new house and label each room. Label each box with which room it needs to be delivered to. Hand out copies to movers and helpers.

5. Keep a list on a clipboard or the fridge with the contents of each box, which room it goes to, and number each box.

6. Use the thickest, darkest marker to label the boxes with so they are visible from across the room and mark appropriately with “fragile”, “open first”, “bedroom”…

7. Leave a set of cleaning supplies in the old house to clean up after everything is moved out.

8. Give moving household members or helpers specific talks and a date by which each needs completed.

9. Be sure to allot time. Moving always takes longer than you think. One study found that it took an average or 4-5 hours to pack up one dorm room.


25 packing tips for moving

These packing tips may seem obvious, but can easily be forgotten in the process. Be sure to read all of these tips to each member of the household who is moving or helping move so you are all on the same page with the same plan.

10. Pack a suitcase for each family member moving-enough for a long weekend. Include clothes, medications, toiletries, a favorite toy for the kids, etc. Keep the bags separate from the rest of the moving boxes.

11. Pack things you rarely use first, such as out of season clothing and strange kitchen gadgets.

12. Try to pack only one room at a time so the organization is focused.

13. Don’t pack huge boxes of books. Use smaller boxes for books (sometimes you can find these at book stores) or just put some in the bottom of bigger boxes and fill with lighter objects.

14. To pack breakables, antiques and other fragile items you’ll need extra strong boxes, a lot of bubble wrap, packing papers or newspapers and be sure to secure the items well within the box so they don’t slide around.

15. Remove lids and wrap and pack separately but within the same box so they don’t get chipped.

16. Remove light bulbs from lamps and lampshades and wrap and pack separately.

17. You can use towels, sheets or tablecloths to wrap and pack larger items. They are especially helpful when packing spindly items such as bed posts, chair legs and hat trees so they don’t get damaged or damage other items.

18. Use at least 2″ of packing material on each side of fragile items.

19. Keep track of small parts when disassembling bookcases, beds or other pieces with small assembly parts by enclosing them in a closable baggy and taping to the underside of the piece of furniture.

20. Whenever there is complicated assembly or wiring take a picture of that thing, print it out and place in the top of the box so you can quickly re-assemble it without confusion.

21. Pack “Open First” boxes with items you’ll need first such as kitchen and bathroom items you use regularly.

22. Try to keep boxes under 30 lbs and never exceed 50 lbs. The box could burst opened when moving and heavy boxes are more likely to be dropped.

23. Stack boxes with the heaviest on the bottom and the lightest on top.

24. Stack and move boxes with the labels visible so you can quickly spot the box you need.

25. As you move the boxes into your new home drop them off right into the room labeled on the box.


Never use a moving company you haven’t checked out first. Check Consumer Reports and if you have a bad feeling about the company or they seem unprofessional, find someone else.


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