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New Real Estate Brochure

I had a freelance writer friend, Melissa Nyc, make a brochure for me. Here it is!


It’s hard to picture this as a brochure flattened out on two pages like this, but the right third here is the cover, the middle third is the back and the left third is in the middle when you open the cover.

John's brochure outside image


On the inside there’s some interesting images including a picture of 5261 Moonshine Hill Rd home in Placerville, along with some other points that I think are important and set me apart from other Real Estate Brokers.

John's brochure inside image

I might change the very back side (where the return address and postage areas are) so it can be handed out instead of used as a mailer. Getting the images to show up here was actual rocket science, so there are some shadow lines around it here and there. Please excuse them.

I think it’s pretty nice. What do you think?

Please feel free to browse my website. Follow my blog for updates on local events, real estate news, timely home maintenance suggestions and tips for buyers and sellers.


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