Declutter In 30 Days Infographic

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Declutter For World Peace

photo credit: lednichenkoolga
photo credit: lednichenkoolga

Well. I don’t know about that. But decluttering is crucial for home peace. For peace of mind. For Lego pieces to stop biting your feet at night on your way to get a glass of water. Maybe we should attack Lego clutter in another post.

Cleaning and de-cluttering before selling or moving will streamline the entire process and remove much of the associated stress. It’s normal in our culture to continually acquire new things, but once we’ve found that happy place where our homes feel just right, we can no longer continue to acquire without also letting go of the excess. Yet acquiring can still continue even when we mindfully stop buying. Maybe that’s why spring cleaning follows Christmas?

Most of us do, however, want to acquire new things so it’s important to know the skill of uncluttering. A clutter-free home feels and works best and that is why I’m sharing this infographic, “Your One Month Guide To Beating Clutter.” I hope you find it inspirational!


I think I’m catching the spring-cleaning bug! Keep an eye out in the next week for a spring cleaning roundup.

My problem areas include the master bedroom closet, garage and the storage area under the house. I have many items that I should get rid of; old camping equipment, boxes of nick knacks that I have been dragging around for some time now, and bunches of old books (mostly old text books). But someday I may want that stuff and then where will I be if I get rid of it? I’ll be referring back to this infographic when I get home…

What are your clutter problem areas? What’s the hardest piece of clutter (aka: beloved treasure) for you to part with? I want you to share the skeletons in your closet, the reasons you have for preserving them there and your plan for banishing them and reclaiming your space. Please leave your comments below.

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