Organize Your Home Office This Weekend

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Fast Organizing Tips For Your Home OfficeBrooklyn_Home_Office,_Minimized,_At_Night

Home offices can get so messy that it becomes hard to know where to start organizing. The home office is usually the smallest room in the home, used by everyone, and often serves many purposes, so the clutter and confusion can pile up fast. Sometimes we just need some quick tips to remind us where to start and what to do next; this will fill that purpose.

You can contact me, John Conca, at 530-306-3494, if you are searching for a home anywhere in El Dorado county, or if you are ready to sell your home. I’d be happy to discuss your options with you. You can find new Placerville listings here.

Start Low And Work Your Way Up

  • Begin by moving all of the items on the floor-computer parts, bins full of odd items, and unnecessary furniture that’s taking up space-out of the room. Find another home for it all.
  • Next clear all of the paper from all surfaces. File it, shred it, burn it, send it away…whatever needs done. There shouldn’t be any paper out anywhere when you’re done. Paper is one of the biggest obstacles in a home office-when it’s out it makes everything feel messier than it is.
  • Open the drapes. If you have a source of natural light then let it in. It will help the room feel bigger and energize the space; boosting productivity.
  • Get rid of all nick-knacks.
  • Move out or store any excess technology items like speakers, chargers, the printer or handheld devices. All can be moved into cabinets, drawers or boxes on shelves.

Boost Productivity

  • Use a desk organizer, but only put in it the things you use often. Store other items in drawer organizers.
  • Organize your time by mount a white board calendar on the wall where you can write in the month’s projects.
  • Mount your flat screen computer monitor on a swinging arm to free up your desk space.

Keep It Clear

  • Straighten up once a week by putting paper away, putting all of the desk items where they belong in their organizers and drawers, and tucking chargers and other technology items away in their cabinets and drawers.


Thanks for your time! Give me, John Conca, a call at 530-306-3494, if you want to discuss your real estate options or if you have any questions. Follow my blog for updates on real estate news, timely home maintenance suggestions and tips for buyers and sellers. Have a great day.


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