SMART Goals For Your Home Plans

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Why SMART Resolutions?

Happy New Year! I hope you enjoyed the holidays. As per tradition I’ve been thinking about setting some goals for the new year. Have you ever heard of SMART goals? It’s a handy tool for making your goals more reachable. If you follow the SMART goal guide, you’re more likely to set goals you can reach and reach the goals you set.

SMART goals John Conca

My SMART Goals

I have a goal of losing 10lbs by June. So I plan to keep my blood sugar steady by cutting back on carbs (choosing nuts over bananas and bacon and eggs over waffles), finding more ways to be active (parking out at the end of the parking lot at the grocery store and scheduling family walks at least 3 days a week), and juicing vegetables and berries for smoothies once a day.

Another goal of mine is to save more money for retirement this year by setting aside 5% of my income and spending less money on eating out by helping make freezer meals and planning the week ahead for packed meals we need to eat while away from home.

I downloaded the Goal Tracker app to keep track of where I’m doing well and where I need to kick it up a notch. Wish me luck!

Home Goals?

Are you hoping to be able to sell or buy a home this year? If you make your goals SMART then you will probably reach it! It might look something like this:

Instead of: I want to sell my home this year.

Try: I will deep clean my house, paint the exterior, manicure the landscaping, get a home inspection, make necessary home improvements, and list my home by May in order to sell my home by September for $375,000. 

Instead of: I want to buy my first home this year.

Try: I will set aside 40% of my income for the next 7 months for a down payment and closing costs and then talk to a Realtor about buying a 3 bedroom, 2 bath home in XYZ neighborhood.

The SMART goals really make you accountable. Try them out this year for all aspects of your life.

I hope this inspires you to set SMART goals this year, it should lead to some positive changes. Give me, John Conca, a call at 530-306-3494, if you want to discuss your real estate options or if you have any questions. Follow my blog for updates on real estate news, timely home maintenance suggestions and tips for buyers and sellers. Have a great day!


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