Victorian Homes In Placerville

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Historical Placerville Victorians

If you’re here, you are likely enchanted by the lighthearted architecture and rich history found in Victorian style houses. Placerville is loaded with these houses as well as with interesting and old business buildings and stores such as the ones found on Historical Main St. Before we get to information on careful restoration or incorporating Victorian style into your own home, we should familiarize ourselves with the typical look found in the Victorian Style homes.

The west coast of the Unites States, surprisingly, includes far more examples of Queen Anne style homes than the North Eastern US. Keep your eyes peeled as you drive around town and side streets and you’ll get an eyeful of beautiful Victorian homes of all sizes and styles.

Famous Placerville Victorians

Here are some of the more famous Victorian style houses you can find while driving around Placerville.

The Combellack-Blair House 


 The Bee-Bennett House


 The Glen Morey Country House

Glen Morey Country House

The Albert Shafsky House


The Seasons


Placerville Victorians For Sale

Here are a handful of Placerville Victorian homes on the market at the time of publishing. Browse my website for current listings of Placerville Victorian homes.

Gorgeous Remodeled Victorian Close To Town 

coloma st victorian

Original Coleman 1890 Family Homestead 


Thomas Kinkade’s Victorian Christmas III

kincaid victorian


Victorian Style Home Series

This post is part of my Victorian Style Home Series. Follow my blog to receive updates on this series as well as helpful home tips and advice for buyers and sellers. Give me, John Conca, a call at (530) 306-3494 if you’re looking for an experienced Realtor in El Dorado County.

victorian style home cupid


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